Brenton Wise

Sales Consultant

With 10 years of hospitality experience, Brenton understands that customer service comes first. Brenton has the knack for anticipating people’s needs and expectations and pleasantly surprises most with his intuitive nature. He takes a lot of pride in what he does, both professionally and personally, and ensures that everyone walks away from him happy and positive.

Brenton started his real estate career in 2016. He has seen the good and the bad aspects in real estate and prides himself in being ethical and honest. He is hard working, and values working in a team that is both supportive and professional. He is not afraid to take on a big challenge, and will work that challenge till it gets his clients the best result possible.

A country boy at heart, growing up in South Gippsland, Brenton is well travelled and has experience with different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. He loves cooking and skiing, so much so, he even spent 2 years working in Canada. Brenton is thoughtful, genuine and approachable by nature. He donates blood regularly, and is regarded as a fantastic team player at Ray White Carnegie.

You can contact Brenton on 0423 163 121 or