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Real Estate Agents Ormond – Ormond Suburb Profile


Median House Price Ormond: $1,810,000

Median House Rent Ormond: $700 per week

Median Unit Price Ormond: $567,000

Median Unit Rent Ormond: $395 per week

The lifestyles and people of Ormond:

  • Independent Youth 20%
  • Established Couples & Families 16.1%
  • Older Couples & Families 15.6%
  • Maturing & Established Independence 14.5%
  • Older Independence 9%
  • Maturing Couples & Families 8.5%
  • Elderly Singles  8.2%
  • Elderly Couples 3.9%
  • Young Families 2.6%
  • Elderly Families 1.7%

Those looking to escape the fast pace and stress of big city life, but not entirely abandon the charms of metropolitan living, may find their Shangri-La in Ormond. Around 15km south east of Melbourne, and sitting smack-dab on the line between its inner and outer suburbs, this pleasant, leafy neighbourhood will steal your affections with its lush, welcoming streets of Mediterranean-style houses.

If you’ve had dreams of domestic bliss, of lounging around and enjoying your down time in a home you can well and truly call your own, then a property in Ormond is what you’re after.

Why buy property in Ormond?

It doesn’t take long to see why real estate in Ormond is such a hot topic in greater Melbourne. Living in a residential or rental property in Ormond gives you easy access to all of the basic amenities you’ll need to make your new life complete.

With a stroll down its main thoroughfare, North Street, you can find eateries of all kinds, from fast food chains to restaurants serving hot dishes from several different continents. No matter if you’re in the mood for some lazy takeaways on a Friday night or an evening of dining out, you won’t find it more than a few minutes away.

If you need a bit of recreation to go along with your new digs, property in Ormond won’t disappoint. The Ormond Health and Fitness centre, E E Gunn Reserve, the Ormond Tennis Club, the Ormond Amateur Football Club, the Bushido Academy – the list goes on. Whatever type of physical activity you need enrich the hours of your day with, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Who can I expect to meet in Ormond?

The sunny streets of Ormond cater to lifestyles and backgrounds of many different kinds. When you move into a property in Ormond, you’ll find that each of your neighbours is a different story just waiting to be told.

If you happen to be religiously inclined, you’ll find Ormond a perfect fit. The local synagogue and Anglican church should fulfill your spiritual needs.

Not only that, but with its aged care facilities, you won’t have to worry about your loved ones if the burden of taking care of them becomes too big – they’ll always be taken care of in Ormond.

Finally, Ormond is recognised as an ideal place to settle down and raise a family. With streets filled with children running about and riding bikes, the sense of youth is everywhere. It’s not hard to see why – from the local early learning centre and St Kevin’s Primary School to Katandara school and Kilvington Grammar School, there are numerous educational facilities for the young ones.

If you’re ready to contact a real estate agent in Ormond to help you find a home, give Ray White a call.

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