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10 things you should do before selling your home // Your Local Estate Agents

If you’re considering breaking up with your current home and moving on to greener pastures, kudos! It’s a market of opportunity out there – but it pays to know what to do before dipping your toe in. 

1. Find an agent

You may think you need to get a little further down the line before connecting with a local agent. However, the right person will be a fountain of knowledge and provide helpful guidance along the way as you journey towards getting the best price for your home.

From advising on the right repairs and renovations that may be needed to coming up with a great sales strategy, a good agent will help you make the right choices to avoid losing money and finding a great buyer.

2. Clear the clutter

Everyone knows you need to clean your home before putting it on the market, but definitions can vary.

To get the best result (which means making more money from the sale) Ron suggests letting a professional eye create a list of tasks for you.

Decluttering your home is the first step towards getting it ready to sell. Picture:

3. De-personalise

While we might be aware of the Marie Kondo strategy of keeping only the things that bring joy, the process – when it comes to selling – is a bit different.

People like to imagine themselves living in a place, not you, Ron explains. Take down the family portraits, put away the pet paraphernalia and embrace neutral colours.

This gives buyers the opportunity to imagine their own family in the space while also maintaining your privacy.

4. Touch up any rough edges

You might not see the dings and scratches in a house that you’ve lived in for a while, but potential buyers will.

Ron suggests having a painter wander around and cover up all the scuffs and scrapes from things like door jambs. If it’s still not looking its best, sometimes a more comprehensive re-paint will be the go.

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5. Neutralise wall colours

Have you dabbled in a little extra painting in your spare time? It’s always great to let your creative flair run wild every now and again and feature walls or bright rooms can be a great way to make a house feel like a home.

But when it comes time to sell the home a hot pink/green/orange/red feature wall may not be everybody’s thing, Ron explains. Give potential buyers the chance to make their own mark on the home, which means bringing it back to a neutral space.

Giving rooms a neutral makeover will allow buyers to imagine themselves there. Picture:

6. Clean. Everywhere.

We cannot emphasise this enough. And be sure to remember places like windows, inside cupboards, and the garage as this makes an enormous difference to the overall impression and suggests an entirely fresh lifestyle, says Ron.

While you might think it’s just giving the appearance of cleanliness that’s important – a fresh-looking house will actually mean more money at the end of the day, which is the name of the game.

7. Emphasise storage

One of the most important things potential buyers will be looking for will be spaces to store their stuff.

Ron suggests minimising clothing in cupboards and keeping everything folded and as neat as an upmarket store.

“If it appears that you live in the place with plenty of space to spare – and time to present your clothes tidily – then maybe so can they,” says Ron.

8. Secure valuables

It seems obvious, but often people forget to pack away loose cash and small items such as jewellery or watches, says Ron. While theft is possible, it’s very rare at inspections.

“It’s more likely that kids could pick up shiny things. Buyers can just feel uncomfortable if they come across such items,” says Ron.

9. Get objective

Ron says an objective walk-through of the house by an agent or a stylist is ideal.

This will enable you to find those last little details that are out of place – a cupboard hinge, loose faulty door handle, a crack in a wall. One small fault can lead buyers to look for other options.

10. Consider styling

Invite a stylist to walk through your property and give their impressions and ideas, suggests Ron.

“You may not go with all of their suggestions but will always gain some helpful advice/tips.”

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