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Bentleigh sports communities soon to be safer

By Matt Hurlston

People living in real estate in Bentleigh are soon to benefit from a state-wide rollout of defibrillators to community sports clubs, the Victorian government recently announced.

The state budget allocated $2.7million to spread 1,000 of the life-saving devices across Victoria.

Minister for Sport John Eren said that a parent's worst nightmare is seeing their child down on the playing field.

"Immediate CPR, easy access to equipment and a clear emergency plan is the key to making sure an emergency on the field doesn't become a tragedy," he said.

Why roll them out now?

Statistics from St John Ambulance Australia make for grim reading. There were over 30,000 cardiac arrests in Australia in 2013. To put this into scale, the national road toll was 1,193.

With every minute that passes, chances of survival from cardiac arrest reduce by 10 per cent, while the average response time of an ambulance is 9 – 14 minutes.

According to Ambulance Victoria, a defibrillator works by sending an electrical current through the heart muscle. This temporarily stops the heart beating, in the hope that when it restarts it will be in a healthy rhythm and working effectively.

Having the easy-to-use devices on hand is justified as the chances of survival are maximised when defibrillation is delivered as soon as possible.

What does it mean for Bentleigh?

Community sport is the heart and soul of our suburbs and towns, bringing families and locals together. The defibrillator placement will make for a safer community in Bentleigh, making it a better place to live.

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