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Getting a head with sustainability in Bentleigh

By Matt Hurlston

Who loves free things? Who loves free things that help preserve the environment and continually save you money?

If you answered 'yes', and you're living in Bentleigh real estate, there is some great news for you.

A November 11 release by the council has mentioned that those living in suburbs in the Glen Eira region are to receive new shower heads. These are far more efficient than the average counterpart and could go a long way in saving money, water and energy. The best part? It won't cost locals a dime.

Water works

According to Glen Eira Mayor Jim Magee, these fixtures will use a maximum of nine litres of water per minute. Compare this with a standard shower head, which can pour out 20 litres in the same time, and you might realise how big a difference this is.

 Mr Magee mentions that if we're talking money, this could save a family of four around $150 a year in water bills. A great saving when you consider that all it took was nothing more than swapping out a few bathroom fixtures.

In fact, these shower heads are in the midst of being distributed and have already been installed in many homes. According to Mr Magee, 110 shower heads were delivered and applied by the end of October.

This is a result of the Glen Eira's partnership with Energy Makeovers to try and make the region more sustainable and eco-friendly. Who knows? These shower heads may not be the last of some free upgrades doled out by the council.

Buying Bentleigh real estate

As you can see, there are some terrific perks with living in Bentleigh property. Whether you're trying to sell or buy real estate in this market, get in touch with Ray White Carnegie. Matt Hurlston and his team are experienced professionals that will work with you to achieve your real estate objectives.

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