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How To Style Your Rental Property

By Matisse Cuce

With home ownership becoming unobtainable for some people, many find themselves renting whilst saving for their dream homes. Sometimes living in a space that seems a little outdated can be overwhelming, but there are ways to breathe new life into your new abode.

Be proud of the space you live in and look after it as if it were your own. This will not only help you create your own little space, but it will reflect that you are a valuable tenant.

When creating a space that represents you, it’s best to focus on the decorative things that convey your personality and flair. Investing in items that will give you a sense of achievement and bring you happiness every time you open your front door.

Many department stores are now selling budget priced homewares which make refurbishing your home a little cheaper. Below are some ideas we hope will inspire you when you are transitioning your new house into your own personal sanctuary.

Plants are a great inviting way to update any space. They are the perfect way to bring colour and add life to any room of the house. Always remember to have a drip tray underneath your pots if watering them inside. This prevents carpets and floors from being water stained.

Rugs are another good way to express yourself. A rug can bring a design or look together or it can just hide a floor or tile you might not want to look at. Rugs can also prevent furniture marking floors and help add texture and warmth to a dreary room.

Stick-On Tiles
Stick-on tiles are another great invention for renters. Places like Bunnings now sell stick-on splash-backs that are easy to apply and remove, when vacating the property. This is an easy, cheap way to upgrade your kitchen and get the look you desire, while on a budget.

Artwork is another way to update your space. Artwork can hide a wall in need of a paint, or it can help draw your eye to a particular wall in a room, that you may want as your focal point. Artwork can assist in completing your look, it can compliment your decorative items such as your cushions, vases and rugs.

Another great item for renters is removable wallpaper, it’s perfect for making a statement. It’s easy application and mark-free removal makes it the perfect piece to transform any room.

It’s really important to consider storage when moving into a rental property. Purchasing a bed with drawers or a lift-up bed offers you an increased amount of storage to work with. Baskets are also a lovely way to create a contemporary space, while also being a great storage item. Kitchen canisters are the perfect way to keep things organised. Homemade stickers are a great way to individualise the look.

Privacy is quite often a dilemma for renters. There are a few ways to create a more private and secure abode. Hanging curtains over older window fittings will not only update your look, but it will also block out any unwanted light and create more privacy. Bamboo or garden screens are the perfect way to make a patio or a balcony more private. These will provide greenery and allow you to enjoy the serenity of your outdoor space.

*Although recent legislation changes now offer the renter more rights through the duration of a lease term, it is always recommended to check with you rental provider prior to making any alterations.*

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that we have sparked a little bit of inspiration for our renters. Now, it’s time to get creative!

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