Ray White Carnegie’s Matt Hurlston: Cooking classes bring school holiday fun

By Matt Hurlston

With the school holidays imminent, your kids are going to be at home a lot more often. Unfortunately, without the discipline and direction of school, they're likely going to spend their time wiling away the days not doing anything all that productive. It's only natural – they're only kids after all. 

But if you happen to own real estate in Carnegie, the story's a little bit different. The Busy Whisk is providing a variety of cooking classes for children during the July holidays that will not only give them something fun to do, but also teach them a valuable skill they'll hold onto for life. 

The class on 1 July will involve making desserts from lemon curd to meringue, while the class on 2 July will teach kids some valuable baking skills. On the final day, 3 July, expect your kids to learn a variety of exotic dishes, such as samosas and butter chicken. 

Prices vary, so be sure to check out what you can expect to pay on different days. 

Matt Hurlston of Ray White Carnegie

If you're planning on moving into the area to take advantage of the great events that on offer such as this, it would pay to contact a real estate agent. Matt Hurlston of Ray White Carnegie has the experience, skills and knowledge of the area to make it happen. 

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