Ray White Carnegie’s Matt Hurlston: Get rid of e-waste safely this summer

By Matt Hurlston

Getting rid of electronic waste you have in your home means doing more than simply dumping these products in the landfill. In order to maintain your sustainable real estate in Bentleigh East, it's important to dispose of e-waste properly. 

A recent event hosted by the City of Sydney highlighted the dangers of simply throwing these products away, with lord mayor Clover Moore stating that televisions, computers and other similar products contain harmful chemicals like mercury and lead that are terrible for the environment – and can leach into waterways if proper care isn't taken. 

"E-waste increases at this time of year as people clean up ready for Christmas, and it's important that instead of ending up in households bins they are disposed of safely," said mayor Moore in a 7 December statement. 

Things like recycling or selling on to people who could use the parts is the best way to get rid of these unwanted products. Otherwise, there are a number of e-waste disposal services that you can contact and discuss your options with. 

Matt Hurlston of Ray White Carnegie

For those interested in moving into the Bentleigh East community, get in touch with Matt Hurlston at Ray White Carnegie. His insight and expertise in the region can help you secure the most suitable home for your needs. 

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