Ray White Carnegie’s Matt Hurlston: Sustainable plumbing on the rise across Victoria

By Matt Hurlston

As homes become more sustainable across the state, we often think of recycling, compost heaps and energy-saving light bulbs as some of the common contributors. But plumbing has become a key player in making our properties more water efficient. 

Minister for training and skills Steve Herbert said plumbing in Victoria is a growing industry that is embracing new technologies to build a more sustainable state, with more apprenticeships in the industry being sought. 

"Apprenticeships are an important pathway, not just for school-leavers, but for mature-aged Victorians wanting to start a plumbing career," said Mr Herbert in an 11 March statement. He also stated that an additional 6,100 plumbers were needed over the next five years, making it a potentially lucrative career in the near future. 

If you own Bentleigh real estate, this could offer you the chance to install solar heating and new water efficient products into your home and work towards making your property a strong contributor to the sustainability effort in Victoria. 

Matt Hurlston of Ray White Carnegie

If you're looking to make a home change, now could be a great time to get in touch with Matt Hurlston at Ray White Carnegie. His knowledge of the local real estate market could come in handy, regardless of whether you're buying or selling. 

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