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Real Estate Agents Carnegie // Choosing a School for Your Children

You’ve finally got the keys to your dream rental property! All the hard work and stress that comes along with inspecting handfuls of properties and filling out numerous applications has finally paid off.

But for those of us who have maybe moved interstate and have been looking for a family home with all the features needed to accommodate a busy family, sometimes the next dilemma is finding the perfect school for your little ones. When choosing a school for your kids, there are a number of important things to take into consideration.

A safe and happy learning environment that encourages both emotional and intellectual growth is a priority for most parents. It is also important that a school is able to meet any special needs or interests your child may have – be they academic, sporting, music or otherwise.

Ten things to look out for when choosing a school

1. Do the kids look happy to be there? Is the schoolyard at recess a happy, bustling place and are the classrooms lively and colourful?

2. Are teachers keen to meet parents and involve them in school activities? Are administration staff helpful?

3. Does the school have a good reputation? Is it known to excel in a particular area?

4. Are the buildings and facilities clean and well maintained, and are there resources such as musical instruments, a canteen, computers and a well-stocked library?

5. Does the school have specific policies on bullying, canteen food, sun safety and teacher-parent relationships?

6. Are school rules clearly outlined and enforced?

7. Are there learning support programs in place?

8. How many children are in each class?

9. Does the wider school community (parents, teachers, other staff) seem friendly and welcoming? Does the principal interact with the children?

10. Are there any extra costs, such as for uniforms, textbooks, stationery and excursions?

Remember that it’s your child who will spend seven years at primary school, not you. If the school has the right mix of factors that you think your child will enjoy then they will most likely have a happy, fulfilling and educational time at primary school.

The Good Schools Guide provides a good starting place when researching potential schools. You can read about schools in your area by looking at our school profiles, which contain information about a school’s characteristics, academic performance, fees and curriculum. The Good Schools Guide also offers a free comparative service, where you can select a number of schools in the local area, be it primary or secondary, and compare fees, activities and support and so much more to make your choice a little easier.

The information contained in this article was sourced from The Good Schools Guide

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