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Simple Saving Tips To Save Power During The Winter Months

By Matt Hurlston

Winter is time for frosty mornings, chilly evenings and constantly cold limbs. It also tends to be a time when our electricity bills go through the roof as we run heaters, drying machines and other appliances designed to fight back against winter’s sharp bite.

There are number of simple ways for you to cut the electricity bill around your real estate in Carnegie this winter.

Turn your appliances off at the wall when you go to bed in the evenings. Leaving them on stand-by all night uses only a small amount of power – but when there are multiple appliances on for many nights on end, the expenditure slowly builds up.

Closing the doors to unoccupied rooms will help to concentrate the warmth into rooms where people are residing. Coupled with this is turning off the lights in rooms when no one is in there.

Take the time before winter hits to make sure your household is properly insulated. Checking the window and door frames, as well as your roof, will help to trap natural warmth inside the house – eliminating the reliance on a heater and reducing your electricity bill at the same time.

These simple tips help not only to conserve the houses warmth, but also cut down on your electricity bill in a big way.

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