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Victoria gets serious about lowering emissions

By Matt Hurlston

Environmental issues have been a pretty big deal for the housing industry for some time now, and thanks to new emissions targets, they could become even more of an issue. The Victorian state government has put five-year targets in place that will eventually mean the state has zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The idea was put forward in last year’s independent review of the Climate Change Act 2010 and could ultimately have an impact on McKinnon real estate.

Why the targets matter to property

The Property Council of Victoria explained that there are many different reasons why this policy change will affect Malvern East real estate. Acting executive director Asher Judah noted the built environment is responsible for around 23 per cent of emissions, so the sector will play an important part in lowering them.

“The property industry has been making major gains in emissions reduction for a number of years and we want to partner with government in building on our strong record,” said Mr Judah.

“Governments will come and go between now and 2050. It is vital that governments and oppositions develop a shared commitment to this important goal.”

If Victoria is successful in reaching these targets, there’s just no telling what impact this could have on the property market. After all, people are keener than ever to make sure they’re doing their bit for the environment, so living somewhere that helps them achieve just that could be a real coup.

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